Incident Investigation Form

Prompt reporting often prevents minor incidents from developing into major problems.

To report an accident or potential insurance claim, please follow these instructions:

1) If necessary, be sure that the individual(s) receive appropriate emergency care. (Do not acknowledge responsibility or admit liability for any accident or occurrence.)

2) Take record of names and contact information of all parties involved, including witnesses.

3) Notify Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity International Headquarters – Contact your Educational Leadership Consultant; or call 317.872.8000 (24 Hour Emergency Hotline); or email:

4) Notify chapter High Pi, key alumni volunteers, and University/College officials – typically the Greek Adviser

5) Complete this incident investigation form.

Report should include:

  • Name(s) of individual(s) involved in or on the scene of the incident.
  • Phone numbers and addresses of those involved or present.
  • Exact location of incident.
  • Description of circumstances leading up to the occurrence, including time of day, if alcohol was involved, if it was in relation to an official chapter activity
  • What type of treatment and emergency medical attention occurred.